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The Beginning

Join us on a Journey of Inspiration and Entrepreneurship! It all started in 2010 in a small town in the United Kingdom called Halifax, where a seed of an idea was planted that has now grown into a Globally recognised successful brand.

In 2020 on the back of the pandemic and our live events grinding to a halt the Experience With team had a vision to take the brand to new heights by creating an online streaming platform. The idea was to host inspirational interviews with the most inspirational talent on the planet both online and Live.

We are now proud to be in a position to take the brand onto Global heights not only with the huge success of the streaming platform and Globally planned Live Experiences for 2023 and beyond.

Our Values

Making a difference – We hand on heart believe that by creating and sharing these inspirational interviews that we can inspire people to go out and do something great.

Giving back – As a company we are firm believers of giving back that is why over the years we have raised a significant amount for great causes and we will continue to do so!

Quality – This is something we pride ourselves on. What we do, we do well

Our Mission

Our mission at Experience with is to inspire people one interview at a time. We want to inspire change in the everyday person to believe they can achieve anything!

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